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Engineering & Builders

From our engineering department serve the needs of our customers by offering engineering services:

  1. Customized External Protection Projects , to provide the solution in lightning protection that best suits the needs of their installation, according to current regulations, including pieces by special custom installation.
  2. Internal Protection Projects to protect your installation against surges caused by lightning strikes in the installation itself or its surroundings (by direct or indirect discharge) or switching, adapting and installation to current regulations
  3. Prevention Systems Studies, to find a prevention system against lightning according to your needs.
  4. Certification of the facility by QUIBAC Inspection Entity is an impartial, technically competent, equipped with the equipment and infrastructure which implement the methods and quality assessment procedures and the issuance of reports and certificates, recognized and accepted nationally and internationally.
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Also, responding to our commitment to collaborate with our clients, we have the program: INGESCO SOFTWARE DESIGN, which lets you have all necessary lasherramientas for making the study of a comprehensive protection system against lightning, according to your needs according to existing rules

UNE 21.186:1996/1M:2009
NF C 17-102 Rectificative Janvier 2009
A good system of comprehensive protection against lightning and electrical surges must ensure full effectiveness from the moment of conception, and throughout its life, after any possible impact electroatmosférico. The Spanish and international law is moving in this direction, in order to ensure the protection of property and persons.

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