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Who we are

The brand INGESCO® distinguishes from 1973 the quality and the leadership, being experts in the design and production of systems and devices for lightning protection and lightning prevention. Through the different companies and divisions that constitute our group we work on research, design and manufacture of protection and prevention devices and we design and install integral systems of protection.

Along with our classic line of protection products (lightning rod, accessories, grounding systems…), our company DENA DESARROLLOS has developed our own line of products of early detection of lightning and electrical storms. This effort has result in devices like IPSO.

Our Laboratory LABELEC is a key piece for the research of our R+D division. Furthermore, its experience and its facilities allow it to submit materials and devices to the more rigorous tests in order to prove they will work properly after a lightning impact or in hard environmental conditions.

From a private home to an airport, each building needs a specially designed protection system. These is de task of QUIBAC, our engineering division: design and install innovative solutions adapted to the specific needs of our clients. Accredited by ENAC (41/EI069) as an Inspection Entity, QUIBAC has excellent qualifications to offer the best service in enginnering and control.
INGESCO® brand means innovation, quality and adapted solutions
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