Pararrayos y Protectores de sobretensiones Ingesco

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Every INGESCO® product is submitted to strict quality controls before going to the market. This effort has been recognized, from 2004, by:

ISO 9001:2008 Certification that guarantees the quality of all our service and production procedures.

Our group has also:
  • ENAC accreditation for QUIBAC Inspection Entity, that guarantees the rigour in lightning rod inspections.
  • ENAC accreditation for our Testing laboratory LABELEC (Dena Desarrollos), that guarantees the rigour in tests of lightning rod and components. And we continue working to offer you day by day more quality in our products and services.
  • Product Certification BVQI nº certificate ES028599-A ensuring the quality of the studies, inspections and maintenance performed by our firm.
  • Product Certification BVQI nº certificate ES028599-B, which ensures the quality of the installation of protection service against lightning and its compliance with current regulations.
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