Pararrayos y Protectores de sobretensiones Ingesco

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What we offer


INGESCO®, as a experts, offers an integral service in lightning prevention and protection. Our offer includes from the design of prevention and protection systems to the production and installation of equipments. Therefore, we can project for our clients specific solutions that fit their needs.

Innovative products and made-to-measure solutions, these are the emblems that identify our company.


INGESCO® offers the quickest answer to your requests. Our technological infrastructure and our qualified staff are ready to give you the best advice and service to cover your needs in lightning protection and prevention.


INGESCO® long experience and our technical capacity allows us to offer training curses on design and installation of lightning prevention and protection systems. Our objective is the diffusion of the current technical knowledge and legal norms that apply on lightning prevention and protection between the interested professionals: electricians and installation technicians, distributors, security teams, architects, engineers, university researchers…

Because knowledge improves safety and your safety is our aim.


INGESCO® offers integral solutions for their security against lightning and personalized attention.

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