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Projected increase in lightning strikes due to global warming

The prestigious journal Science published a study that indicates that climate change will increase the activity of the lightnig strikes by 12% per degree centigrade temperature to rise.
We must consider that the lightning that have more electric current are produced in the tropics,so when the temperature is bigger the lightning strikes are stronger.

Link in Scienc journal

Link in La Vanguardia (Spanish journal)


Parroquia de Oñati

Ingesco ha realizado recientemente la instalación de un nuevo pararrayos en la parroquía de San Miguel Arcángel de la localidad guipuzcoana de Oñati.

El montaje del pararrayos se realizó con una grúa de grandes dimensiones que generó curiosidad entre los vecinos de la población

En este link podrán encontrar la noticia:




Climate change


National Geographic in its latest issue July 2013 has analyzed data of hurricanes in the past 160 years and has concluded that there is a considerable increase in hurricanes of any degree.
The evolution of the major changes occurred in storms over the years indicate, a proliferation of large numbers of hurricanes. These hurricanes can be classified in the Saffir-Simpson category 1 (lowest) to Category 5 (highest).
This increase is a clear indication of what we call climate change.

Link to the National Geographic issue.



Summer storm week in Spain

This second week of July in Spain has produced numerous storms with lots of lightning strikes.

The July 9th were a total of 18,194 lightning strokes in Spain including cloud-cloud and cloud-to-ground, because of these lightning strokes in the province of Almería various fires were reported in the towns of Turre, Mojacar, Huercal Overa. These fires were caused by a storm which fell 2000 dry lightning.

On July 10th storms moved eastward of the peninsula, largely affecting Aragon and Catalonia. 62,366 total lightning strokes fell. Attached lightning strokes image located this day through our Lightning Location Service.


On July 11th there were several storms in Catalunya with a lot of precipitation in some temporary space. In all these storms were a total of 30,539 lightning strokes of lightning between clouds and fallen to the ground.


A lightning hits a man in Madrid

A storm front is crossing the country and it  is leaving the first spring electrical storms. During yesterday, more than 14,300 lightnings strike on the peninsula , adding cloud to cloud lightnings and cloud to ground lightnings. The storms affected the center and east of Spain.

In the Madrid area, a 43-year-old man was injured seriously due to  being struck by lightning when he was talking on the phone under a tree in a city park.

The INGESCO  Lightning Location System reflected the evolution of the lightnings in  real-time.

You can see in the picture attached  the lightnings  fell on the Madrid area at the time the incident occurred.

One of the  applications of the INGESCO detection and alarm system  is the LIGHTNING LOCATION AREA. This system offers to the citizens updated information about the storm risk in their town.






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