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New INGESCO web page

To celebrate its 36th anniversary, INGESCO launches its New Website.

A new WEB in all respects: design, content, navigability, interactivity, with links and downloads and updated daily.

This new site aims to increase information incorporating useful and relevant content and improve services and access to information provided to customers INGESCO.
The easy navigation, with the side menus keeps the user located at all times, and in reducing the time and number of clicks needed to access the information.

There are new menus dedicated to each Customer Segment, offering a glance the tools of most interest to each client.

All web page content available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Catalan.

We invite you to browse the new website:
INGESCO - 08223 Terrassa - Tel. +34 937 360 314 Fax +34 937 360 303 -