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LIGHTNING LOCATION - AREAINGESCO PDC Lightning Rod Lightning Locator System (LLS)
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Thanks to this new service, INGESCO® can offer their customers via the Internet, the new ray-tracing system, which informs the user of the fall and ray tracing in real time within a radius of 30 km.

The Lightning Location System (SLR) is a software that provides information on storms over the Internet, in real time.

The Lightning Location System (SLR) allows all information in real-time thunderstorm activity within a radius of 30 km.

This location is chosen by the user and it can anticipate the possible thunderstorm and lightning strike on persons and property, making it possible to activate in time plans and systems, and comply with current legislation governing prevention.

The Lightning Location System (SLR) is a key element in security systems. The forecast and lightning protection is especially important in large concentrations of people, facilities, hazardous or sensitive materials, utilities, etc..

You can find a demo in
Demo Lighting Locator System (LLS)

Note: Only for the spanish market.

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