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Internal protection


Any equipment connected to the electricity, telephone or data grid is exposed to the effects of overvoltage.

The transitory surges are characterized as being of very high voltage with short duration and with a very rapid growth, so the usual protective equipment (fuses, breakers and differentials) are not prepared to identify and react to them.

Leading causes
  • Atmospheric and remote direct discharges.
  • Parasites or interferences.
  • Maneuvers switching the electricity distribution companies and users of electricity networks.

INGESCO® specializes in protection against overvoltage produced by the first of these causes: the impacts of lightning.

Damage caused by overvoltage
  • Damage to property: destruction of telephone equipment, alarm systems, fire detection systems, electronic components, appliances, television stations and other sensitive equipment.
  • Premature ageing of equipment.
  • Temporarily unavailable computer systems and communication.
  • Drilling of electrical installations.
  • Important economic losses.
      A whole set of rules (NFC 17.102, UNE 21.186, CEI 1024 y RBT) provide for the installation of protection against overvoltage to have an effective system of comprehensive protection.

      Likewise, the of Workplace Safety RD 1215/1997 specifies: "The work equipment that can be struck by lightning while being used must be protected against their effects on devices or appropriate measures".


      Internal Protection products


The presence of the technology in our daily life and our work places, makes essential a protection adapted from the electrical surges.

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