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Inspection Entity

The QUIBAC Inspection Entity is a conformity assessment agency (Type C), accredited by ENAC (Accreditation No 41/EI069) for lightning rod facilities.

The QUIBAC Inspection Entity is an impartial, technically competent organization with the equipment and infrastructure that allows for the application of the methods and procedures for quality assessment as well as the issuance of reports and certificates which are recognized and accepted nationally and internationally.


QUIBAC. Accredited as an Inspection Entity performs an unbiased and objective evaluation of any protection system at all required stages:
  • Design and engineering management, compliance and verification of the project during construction of the facility.
  • Installation of sensors, discharge conductors, grounding and protection against transient overvoltages.
  • Periodic and/or punctual inspection after a casualty or changes in the structures being protected.
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