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Does it work propperly a lightning rod after a million-volt discharge?

How do environmental factors affect the protection components?

Our high voltage testing laboratory, LABELEC, evaluates protection systems submitted to the most gruelling corrosion and aging tests in order to measure their resistance to diverse environmental conditions. For this, they rely on large generators (voltage pulse, electro-static and power discharge, including one that generates shock waves of up to 100 kAmp) and on diverse corrosion testing chambers (saline fog, humid-static, or sulphur dioxide, among others.)

The tests at LABELEC also guarantee the effectiveness and durability of surge protectors and the correct calibration of electromagnetic field measurers. Their rigorous quality standards have been recognised with ISO 9001:2000 certification and ENAC (307/LE681) accreditation, conforming with the standard UNE EN ISO 17.025, as testing laboratory for lightning rods with early streamer emitting air terminal.

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