Alarm & lightning location systems is software that allows information about storms through internet in real time.

Storm detector: Class B (IEC 62793:2016). system, through internet, allows to have all the information about the storm activity in a real time in a radius of 30 km, centered on the chosen location.

Through a user code and password can access the LINET view platform where geographic data area which requires information about the storms have been configured.

In the main screen the user's location map is displayed, where some areas alarm 5, 10 are defined and 20 km radius and allow us to observe the impact points of lightning discharges (cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground), and the evolution of the storm in time and space. This monitoring allows us to be aware of the direction taken by storm, allowing thus make decisions on security items that may be required in advance, as well as comply with current regulations risk of prevention.

The alarm system is fully configurable by the user, who will receive notices via e-mail and / or SMS when lightning impact in the alarm areas indicated.

  • Knowledge of thunderstorm activity within 30km.
  • Setting of alarms and warnings via SMS or e-mail.
  • Real time information (every 30 seconds).
  • Detailed map of the area selected by the user.
  • Each strike is characterized by: Date, Time, Latitude, Longitude, polarity, current, lightning type (cloud-to-ground, or intra-cloud) and height (in case of intra-cloud).
  • Connection from any device (PC, tablet, mobile) through the web application.
  • Grouping and prediction of lightning storm cells.
  • Any external sensor is not required. is classified  as storm detector Class II (Standard EN 50536-1:2011. Protection against the lightning – Thunderstorm warning systems) whose purpose is to identify, evaluate and implement prevention systems against the risk of damage caused by lightning.

Storms detectors Class II: Lightning detection type IC (intra-cloud) and lightning type CG (cloud-to-ground). Thunderstorms between Phase 2 to Phase 4.

Technical specifications

Areas of activity, is a important part of security systems. The lightning prevention and protection is especially important in large concentrations of people, facilities of hazardous materials  or sensitive services such as:

  • Open air activities (sports competitions, theme parks...)
  • Services (hospitals, hotels, schools, residential complex...)
  • Industrial activities (chemistry, new technologies...)
  • Miners and extractive industry (refinery...)
  • Energy sector (Eolic parks, nuclear and electric plants...)
  • Communications and transport (airports, phone companies…)
  • Astronomic observatories, remotes stations…

Minimal requirements

  • Internet connection high speed.
  • Operating system: Internet Explorer 8.0 version or higher, Google  Chrome, Firefox 3.6 or higher.
  • Operating system recommended: Firefox 7.0, Google Chrome.
Modelo Reference 700907

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