Doubts quickly see this page where we have collected and grouped thematically the questions our customers most frequently send us.

External Protection

How it is calculated ΔT of an ESE lightning rod?
What is the maximum ΔT for a lightning rod ?
Which is the minimum height that it has be placed an ESE lightning rod?
What it is the maximum protection radius for an ESE lightning rod?
How to calculate whether a structure requires a lightning protection system?
What are the protection levels?

Internal Protection

Is it necessary to connect to the TV antenna to the down-conductor external lightning protection?
How many down-conductors needs a PDC lightning rod installation?
Which sections and materials that can be used as down conductors?
What is the minimum separation between down conductors?
Can you install a down conductor inside the building?
Is it necessary to install a lightning counter in the lightning protection system?
It can be used a metal structure as the current shunt element of a lightning?
What is a spark gap?


Can you connect the lightning protection grounding to the grounding of low voltage in a building?
What is the value for a grounding system in an installation of lightning protection?


How storms detected?
Regulations of the storm detectors
Preventive measures in case of imminent risk of lightning strike.

Surge protection

What is internal lightning protection?
What is a surge?
How surges originate?
What are the most common causes of occurrence of surges from atmospheric origin?
What regulations apply to protect against surges?
How can we protect ourselves from surges?