Lightning counter

Electro-mechanical lightning discharge counter.

The lightning counter CDR-11 is a device designed to detect lightning strikes upon any external lightning protection system(lightning rods, ESE, faraday cages, etc…).

CDR-11 detects the electrical energy that is derived to the ground trough a conductor when a lightning impact occurs. The device registers each impact incrementing the counter in one unit each time. CDR-11 must be installed in the down conductor that connects the lightning rod to the grounding system. It does not use any type of power supply because it uses the electric energy of the lightning.

  • Great register capacity (999 impulses).
  • Easy visual control.
  • Detection of impulses from:
    • Intensity min: 1kA (8/20μs according to 62.561-6:2011).
    • Intensity max: 100kA (10/350μs according to 62.561-6:2011).
  • Compact and robust design.
  • Durability.
  • Easy adaptation to the down conductor of any lightning protection system.
  • Allows controlling the lightning rod condition.
  • Works in any atmospheric condition (from -20ºC to 65ºC).
  • Offers updated and reliable information.
  • It does not need power supply.
  • Easy installation and operation.
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Fulfills standard norms UNE 21.186, NFC 17.102 and IEC 62.305.

Technical specifications
Description Reference A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) F(mm) ØD1 (mm) Weight (g)
CDR-11 430019 105 52 83 40 14 290
Working temperature: from -20º to 65ºC
Range of Intensity: 1kA (8/20μs) - 100kA (10/350μs)
Range of register: from 0 to 999 impulses
Protection degree: IP65
Kind of conductors: Round Ø8-12mm, cable 50 to 95mm2 of section (Available flat conductor adapter kit Ref.115117)
Minimum torque: 10 Nm
Resettable: No

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