All our success stories in unique buildings. Buildings with special features where his lightning protection is made to measure.

Vidin-Calafat Bridge

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It is a rail and road bridge between the cities of Vidin (Bulgary) and Calafat (Romania) officially opened in june 2013. It is the second bridge on the shared section of the Danube between the two countries.
pararrayos puente vidin

What to do in case of thunderstorm


Note that there can be risk of thunderstorm before receiving the visual or acoustic alarms, so the safety rules against this kind of phenomenon must be considered and you must apply the necessary prevention measures to avoid damages.
guia seguridad rayos

Izaña Atmosphere Research Centre

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It belongs to the National Meteorological Agency and undertakes international research projects and develops climate theory and instruments.
Izaña Atmosphere Research Centre

Surge arrestors


Surge protectors are connected between an active conductor (phase) and ground, upstream of the equipment they protect.

Surge arrestors protectors

INGESCO PDC ESE Lightning rod


It is suitable for external lightning protection of all types of structures and open areas
Lightning rod with ESE (Early Streamer Emission) system
INGESCO PDC Lightning rod

Rundale Palace

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Active PDC lightning protection system installation at Rundāle Palace
instalación pararrayos rundale palaca letonia