Lightning rod with ESE (Early Streamer Emission) system

It is suitable for external lightning protection of all types of structures and open areas

  • High level of protection.
  • 100% of efficacy in discharge capture.
  • INGESCO® PDC preserves its initial properties after each discharge.
  • Electric continuity guaranteed. The device doesn't offer any resistance to discharge conduction.
  • Lightning rod without electrical components. Maxim durability guaranteed.
  • Because it contains non electronic elements, there are no replaceable parts.
  • It doesn't need external power supply.
  • Operation guaranteed in any atmospheric condition.
  • Maintenance free.


The specific function of INGESCO® PDC lightning rod is producing an upward stream of ionized particles pointed to clouds that will channel the eventual electrical discharge from its origin.

There is a different potential between the discharger (that has the same potential than the air around it) and both the air terminal tip and the deflection ensemble (they have the same potential than earth).

This difference increases as atmospheric potential becomes higher because of the imminent lightning stroke.


The capture terminal of INGESCO® PDC fits the following technical specifications:

  • It has a double ESE (Early Streamer Emission) system.
    • An early streamer device that produces the upward emission.
    • An electro atmospheric condenser.
    • An atmospheric accelerator.
  • An insulation system certified by the General Testing & Research Laboratory of the Generalitat of Catalunya (LGAI).
  • An external structure made from stainless steel AISI 316L.
  • Maximum current: 200kA.
  • Early Streamer Emission system made from stainless steel AISI 316L and polyamide PA66.
  • High temperature resistance
  • High resistance to weather and corrosive atmospheres

Its effective operation in any atmospheric condition and environment is thus guaranteed.


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Radio coverage (m) INGESCO PDC protection level according UNE

INGESCO® PDC LIGHTNING ROD with ESE PDC mod. PDC 3.1 PDC 3.3 PDC 4.3 PDC 5.3 PDC 6.3 PDC 6.4
Reference 101000 101001 101003 101005 101008 101009
Δt 15 µs 25 µs 34 µs 43 µs 54 µs 60 µs
LEVEL I 35 m 45 m 54 m 63 m 74 m 80 m
LEVEL II 43 m 54 m 63 m 72 m 83 m 89 m
LEVEL III 54 m 65 m 74 m 84 m 95 m 102 m
LEVEL IV 63 m 75 m 85 m 95 m 106 m 113 m

Protection radii calculated according to: Norm UNE 21.186:2011 & NFC17.102:2011 (These radii of protection have been calculated according to a height difference of 20 m between the tip of the lightnin grod and the considered horizontal plane).

INGESCO® PDC, fulfils the requirements contained in norms:

  • IEC 62.305
  • UNE 21.186:2011
  • NFC 17.102:2011
  • EN 50.164/1

In addition to all the specifications outlined for this type of components in the High Voltage Regulation by the Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy. Industrial registration num. 150.032 (Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy). Manufactured from 1984, it is the first lightning rod provided with a non electronical ESE system that fulfils the requirements contained in the norms UNE 21.186:2011 and NFC 17.102:2011.

Supported current test in the BET, Blitzschutz & EMV Technologiezentrum (Menden, RFA) Laboratory and in the ISKRA ZASCITE Laboratory - Surge Voltage Protection Systems, Engineering and Cooperation.

Test of insulation resistance, at the General Testing & Research Laboratory (LGAI) of the Generalitat of Catalunya.

Certificate of fulfillment of the particular regulation of brand AENOR, issued by LABELEC High Voltage Laboratory.

Certificate of insulation in rainy conditions, issued by LABELEC High Voltage Laboratory.

Product certificate issued by the Bureau Veritas Certification entity.

Enac certificate lightning rod with ese        bureau vertias certificate        Labelec certificate        

The capture terminal of INGESCO® PDC should follow the prescriptions of the norms NFC 17.102:2011 (or Norm UNE 21.186:2011) and EN 62.305:2011, and should take into account the following:

  • The tip of the lightning rod should be situated, at least two meters above the highest building to be protected.
  • For its installation on a mast, the corresponding head-mast adapter is needed for the lightning rod.
  • The cabling on the roofs should be screened protected against surges and connect to ground the metallic structures present within the safety zone.
  • The lightning rod should be connected to a grounding point by way of one or various conducting cables which will go down, whenever possible, the exterior of the construction with the shortest and straight possible trajectory.
  • The earth termination systems, whose resistance should be the lowest possible (less than 10 ohms), should guarantee the most rapid possible dispersion of the lightning current discharge.
Technical specifications
Mod. Ref. Mat. H (mm) ØD1 (mm) M1 A (mm) Weigth (gr.)
PDC 3.1 101000 Inox 387 16 M 20 95 2350
PDC 3.3 101001 Inox 598 16 M 20 156 3200
PDC 4.3 101003 Inox 598 16 M 20 156 3400
PDC 5.3 101005 Inox 598 16 M 20 156 3600
PDC 6.3 101008 Inox 598 16 M 20 156 3800
PDC 6.4 101009 Inox 598 16 M 20 186 4150

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