When a storm nucleus approaches or forms, the electrostatic field at ground level changes in a significant way.

Under normal conditions, flat land, sunny weather and without a point effect, the electrostatic field has an approximate value of 120 V/m.

The field mill utilized by the PREVISTORM® is the only one able to preventively detect lightning phenomena.
A lightning strike is not needed in order to detect some type of storm activity.
The Previstorm system is composed of:

  • An exterior field mill type sensor
  • A Data Acquisition Module (MAD)

The field mill permits dynamic measurement of the electrostatic field evolution.
The Data Acquisition Module permits:

  • The control and configuration of the system.
  • The visualization of the field value.
  • The activation associated with each level alarm.
  • The visualization of the parameter configurations.



PREVISTORM® is a valuable information system which permits, in real time, making security decisions against lightning discharges and/or the electrostatic accumulation charge, guaranteeing the safety of the people and of the material goods.

  • Activate the security protocols.
  • Guarantee the quality services and avoid production problems
  • Increase the level of protection.
  • Avoid the unnecessary deterioration of the protection systems.
  • Guarantee the sensible devices operation reducing its maintenance costs.
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Technical specifications

The Software is designed to work under Windows Operating System. It is a tool designed to provide telecontrol functions in storm section systems, visualization functions and the analysis of the evolution of the electrostatic field. Permitting, among other functions:

  • Graphically visualize the field evolution in real time.
  • The analysis and treatment of the electrostatic field measurement signal.
  • Setting level alarms by user.
  • Store the data for analysis.

Monitoring the electrostatic field variations of area, along with the historical data, we can securely anticipate (approx. 20 min.) the first electrostatic discharge and because of this, activate the adequate security protocols.

Model Reference
MCE (Electrostatic field mill) 700256
MAD (Data acquisition module) 700253
UPS (Batteries) 700250
Software 700252

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