It belongs to the National Meteorological Agency and undertakes international research projects and develops climate theory and instruments.

Located on Mount Izaña (on Tenerife), 2,400m above sea level, it monitors and researches the components of the atmosphere that could facilitate a change in the Earth's climate (greenhouse gases and aerosols).

The INGESCO Solution:

Due to both its high altitude location  and its activity, the aim was to fully insulate the facilities in the case of an electrical storm.

Going beyond external and internal protection against lightning, INGESCO designed a preventative protection system. This consists of the PreviSTORM electrostatic fieldmeter and a lightning detection system consisting of an antenna that detects the electromagnetic pulse caused by lightning.

The PreviSTORM storm detector consists of a field mill that gives continuous real-time values of the electrostatic field, which makes it possible to predict the probability of lightning strikes at a specific location. It has a system for data acquisition and for configuring alarms, with the capacity to start up the safety protocols required if there is a storm.


Izaña Atmosphere Research Centre
Tenerife, Spain