Prevention system allows to know the lightning strikes evolution of lightning storms and give us the exact location of the lightning strikes in real time (IEC: 62793)

Lightning strikes location in the iberic peninsula.

It has been produced 93 Lightning strikes have occurred over the last 30 minutes.

mapa de rayos a tiempo real

Last days with electrical activity

mapa de rayos pasado

13-07-2019 23:05 (2.251 rayos)

mapa de rayos pasado 2

16-07-2019 21:25 (2.251 rayos)

mapa de rayos pasado 3

03-07-2019 17:38 (2.246 rayos)

Why do you need a map with lightning storm warning system?

Lightning prevention is becoming the future of power protection, it certifies its effectiveness, accurately detect where there are thunderstorms lets you know in advance where the lightning strikes will occur.

This valuable information and (of) lightning to (allows for) activate early and temporarily security protocols of each sector in order to minimize the serious damages that can produce thunderstorms and ensure the integrity of people, facilities and to ensure continuity of service and have no production losses.

The propose of information is to help make effective decisions. Service decision support SAD

All lightning detection methodologies are according with IEC 62793..

Situations in which is needed to prevent lightning?

All sectors and groups may eventually need a preventive system against lightning for proper and safe functionality, but here we highlight some situations of risk.

  • Energy (nuclear power plants, wind farms, solar farms ...)

    They can isolate specific areas of their supply network to prevent damage to the electrical system and not lose their service.

  • Industry (hazardous materials, chemical industry, automated factories ...)

    Do not activate the security protocols can have a strong impact on the production and especially in the safety of structures, their environment and sensitive systems such as computers or electronic and security equipment.

  • Outdoors (Theme parks, golf courses, football fields, agricultural areas, livestock or fisheries ...)

    Its large areas, many people and in open areas with exposure to the LIGHTNING STRIKES make it essential to have a warning system to run (execute) its protocols with time and effectiveness.

  • Infrastructure (hospitals, schools, data centers, telecommunications ...)

    Damage or power outage on their networks can be very serious in the quality of its services, the continuity must be guaranteed, or may occur injury to persons (people).

  • Transport (airports, seaports, trains, railways ...)

    Anticipation is key to manage their transportation and full operation of their infrastructure, particularly in terms of fuel or hazardous materials.

  • Security (police, firefighters, governments, municipalities, civil or environmental protection ...)

    Have a map of LIGHTNING STRIKES in real time to know accurately where (the LIGHTNING STRIKES have fallen) can be the key to the security of regions or cities.

  • Sectors of information (scientific centers, insurance ...)

    The location information of the LIGHTNING STRIKES in 3D, knowing where and when lightning strikes have occurred allow you to manage your information efficiently and accurately.

Possible preventive measures

The resulting preventive actions knowledge of lightning and / or possible surges resulting from the electrification of storms depend on the location and characteristics of the infrastructure and the activity performed in it, but here we show you some examples of measures preventive (preventive mesures):

Notice to facility workers or risky activities.

Activation of auxiliary power systems.

Disconnecting sensitive systems.

Evacuation areas prone to lightning strikes.

Lightning strike system location -

Location system, registration, forecasting and warning LIGHTNING STRIKES in real time.

  • Great location accuracy.
  • High efficiency detection and warning.
  • It works in real time.
  • 3D detection.
  • Compliance with IEC 62793 standard.
  • Without installation, from any device with internet.

See PREVISTORM Storm detector

Sistema de localización del rayo -
Estudio de incidencias de rayos

Study of incidents of lightning

We realize studies of LIGHTNING STRIKES to know where and when the impact occurred.

  • Great location accuracy.
  • Delivery of detailed report.
  • Monitoring and analysis of a detected lightning.
  • Map density of lightning strikes.

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