LIGHTPRO is a project from DENA DESARROLLOS ( INGESCO) with the participation of the Lighting Research Group from Polytechnic University of Catalonia for research and development  of voltage generator lighting type over 2.5 MV, to allow testing “in-situ” protection systems against lighting impact on wind turbine.

Project results allowed to successfully develop the first generator to voltage pulses over 2,5MV prototype, modular and portable that can be used as a trail platform for new products and design developments not available before for wind sector companies, lightning protection sector, generation sector, transmission and distribution of electricity... Some of the benefits of the development to note are the possibility that offers on reducing I+D+i and certification costs and time, and conduct testing of existing components to adapt to the new IEC 61400-24 in situ.

Project results represent an important synergy and tractor effect for Europe wind industry.

The Project has been funded by the program EEA Grants, under the program “Enviromental and Climate Change-related Research and technology” and CDTI.

Period of the project: 2014-2015



The height and location of wind turbines makes them especially prone to lightning strikes, which threaten not only the security of personnel, but also operational efficiency,

  • Currently one of the most important challenges for the scientific community and engineering devoted to atmospheric electricity is the understanding of the mechanisms of lightning strike in turbine design and protections to prevent these losses.
  • Companies are devoting efforts in this direction and even more intense in the near future
  • Existence of only two testing laboratories able to shovel lightning pulses with negative polarity (for what is required over 2MV generator), one located at Denmark and other at U.S.
  • Actually is required significant transportation cost and time to perform the testing and certification of equipment and new developments according to recent tests described in IEC 61400-24 (2010).


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