High bandwidth lightning strikes counter with optical fibre output for wind turbines.


A lightning strike counter especially designed and optimized for operating in wind turbine blades.

  • Can account up to 999 individual events.
  • Permanently visible window for reading the number of accounted events during inspection.
  • Detects current impulses with current peaks down to 0,18kA in a wide range of current wave fronts, including typical wind turbine flashes as described by standard IEC 61.400-24.
  • Direct attachment to wind turbine blades surface using adhesive. No need to drill holes.
  • Maintenance free operation, use energy harvesting techniques for efficient operation without requiring batteries or any other type of external power.
  • Contactless current sensing principle that isolates the sensor from the down conductor.
  • Meets IP65 protection grade for great durability in front of the harsh environment that can develop inside the wind turbine blade.


Contador de rayos para plantas eólicas


Three channel optical fibre receiver for the DL EOLOS K15FO High bandwidth lightning strikes counter.

  • Three independent fibre optic inputs, each one having its own associated events signalling output.
  • Garvanically isolated dry-contact relay outputs.
  • High immunity to external electromagnetic interferences.
  • Standardized 24V power supply input.
  • Contacts with high robustness against vibrations.
  • Standard envelope fixations for direct insertion into standard 35mm DIN rails.
  • Visual indication of activity and state.
  • Industrial operating temperature range: -20ºC to +60ºC.


Receptor de contador de rayos para aerogeneradores
Why is this product important?

Wind turbines constitute elevated structures whish are highly exposed to extreme weather conditions and thunder storms. Because of their design, and due to the characteristics of their installation sites, wind turbines must operate under a great risk of receiving a moderate to high number of direct lightning impacts. Evidence exists that the blades are the most exposed parts of the wind turbine structure.

Wind turbine blades are stressed when hit by lightning and this stress can conduct to mechanical damage. One single blade with structural damage can compromise the integrity of the whole wind turbine, cases exist where this has conducted to wind turbine collapses.

Currently in use standards recommend the installation of lightning impact detection devices. Preventive maintenance and post-impact inspection actions are also recommended by these and other standards and regulations.

The maintenance cost for wind turbines can be effectively reduced by installing a combination of three DL EOLOS K15FO counters (one per blade) and one DL EOLOS FORCVR-3CH. By using the DL EOLOS K15FO counters it is possible know exactly which was the impacted blade.

The unparalleled high sensitivity and high bandwidth exhibited by this product make it unique in its class.

How does it work?

The DL EOLOS K15FO high bandwidth lightning strikes counter detects the electromagnetic impulse generated by the lightning current passing through the down conductor of the wind turbine blade’s lightning protection system. It does not require batteries and uses energy harvesting techniques for operation.

All detected impacts are accounted and displayed in the unit’s always visible counter. Additionally, detected impacts are reported as event signals at the fibre optic output. When used in combination with the DL EOLOS FORCVR-3CH, this signals are processed and used for generating notifications to the wind turbine’s SCADA and PLC’s.


The DL EOLOS K15FO high bandwidth lightning strikes counter has been designed in accordance with operational requisites as defined by standard IEC 62.561/6:2012, standard IEC 62.561/1:2012 (except for the counting threshold which was adapted for better adaptation elevated structure characteristics) and standard IEC 61.400-24.



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