INGESCO participates in the Meteorological fair 2016 in Madrid to show the storm detector product Previstrom

The international fair, organized by the magazine Meteorological Technology International publishers, is an international important event which attracts more than 200 exhibitor companies and 3,000 attendees from all around the world seeking the next-generation weather forecasting and climate-change measurement technologies and services. 

You can find all technologies in the field of forecasting, measurement and climate, meteorological, hydrometeorological analysis between others.

You will find also companies that offer their services to sectors such as aeronautics, transport companies, maritime and port facilities, airports, off-shore exploration companies, wind farm operators, military, meteorological offices, agricultural operations and research institutes, etc ..

INGESCO as a specialist in lightning prevention systems company, is exhibiting the PREVISTORM Storm detector, a powerful storm detector system capable of detecting the formation of storm clouds from the early stages. It lets you know in advance if lightning strikes occur in the precise area allowing in advance to start all protocols to ensure the safety of people and facilities to be protected.

INGESCO como empresa especializada en la prevención contra el rayo, ha ido a la feria como expositor para mostrar su producto PREVISTORM Storm detector, que es un potente detector de tormentas permite saber con antelación si se producirán descargas de rayos en la zona. Permitiendo activar con antelación todos los protocolos para garantizar la seguridad de las personas y de las instalaciones que se quieren proteger.

Meteorological technology world expo 2016