One of the most common incidents that happen in the electrical network are the transitional overvoltages

Transient overvoltages, as its name suggest, occur when the mains voltage is much higher than the rated voltage.


Overvoltage hazards

These situations appear regularly in the vast majority of electrical installations. Generally, occurring by short-term voltage spikes. Usually, most of the implications are about the devices connected to the network. However, serious incidents can occur on occasion and even affect people on the premises.

Voltage spikes

Transient surge depending on their magnitude can cause serious damage to the device connected to the network, premature aging of the equipment or even also its total destruction.

During a storm, a transient overvoltage may occur if a lightning strikes the network conductor or if it strikes in a nearby location, the induced current also affects the network even if there is no direct contact.

surge protection again the lightning


How to protect the electrical network of transitional overvoltages

To avoid the harmful effects of a transient overvoltage and protect the electrical network, it’s needed to install one or more protectors.

  • Protection against overvoltages is carried out through protectors (varistors, gas arresters, diodes, etc.) that are connected in parallel between the different phases (neutral and earth)
  • You must install one protector per phase and connect it to the grounding system

When the voltage rises above the nominal value, the varistors discharge the current to the ground so that it does not affect the internal network. The protector serves as a shield so that the peak voltage does not affect the equipment that receives it.

Devices connected to the protected network will have no power outages and they will increase their service life.

The use of of transient surge protectors certified under the current standards and installed by professional installers it’s of main importance for the correct operation at the right time. A poor quality or wrongly installed protector does not protect the installation and can create serious malfunctions such as a fire in the electrical panel.


Equipment safety

With this system, the installation is protected from voltage surges.

  • At home, appliances (washing machines, computers, televisions, etc.) will be safe from incidents due to thunderstorms and discharges by switching.
  • At offices and in workplaces, work teams and all the information they harbor are at risk. Protecting them is a business necessity.
  • At industry, overvoltages can cause serious damage and even the need to replace machinery by the effect of the peak of tension and puts at risk the integrity of the people who are around. It is also necessary to be considered the production stops that this can imply with their respective economic losses.

The surge protection installation is the best way to prevent transient surges to protect equipment and goods.

The quality of transient surge protectors is vital importance for proper operation at the required time.


When do i need a surge protector?

There are now a large number of electronic devices connected to the mains. Its correct functioning is important for everyday life and business. For this reason, any installation with sensitive devices, of certain value and which needs its correct and continuous operation, should be protected with the corresponding protectors to guarantee the safety of people, goods and equipment.

Protector de sobretensiones transitorias contra el rayo


Transient overvoltages are voltage surges that appear on the electrical distribution lines leading to premature aging of components and / or damaging the equipment connected to the grid.

  • Protector SLS-B+C100
  • Protector SLS-B+C50
  • Protector SLS-B+C20

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When do i need a surge protector