The information and alarms generated by the previstorm thunderstorm warning system allows the lives and goods protection by the preventive measures' decision-making.

The international standard IEC 62793 published in May 2016 describes the characteristics of thunderstorm warning systems.

INGESCO launches the new version of the PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System classified by the standard as a Class A thunderstorm warning system, it means that it detects a thunderstorm over its entire lifecycle. 


What is the previstorm thunderstorm warning system?

Lightning discharges are a natural phenomenon that poses a serious threat to living beings and property if the necessary prevention measures are not taken.

The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System is an especially useful tool in the implementation of preventive protection. Due to its ability to continuous monitoring of the clouds electrification process, the generation of alarms before the lightning discharges risk occurrence and its ability to detect the occurrence of lightning strikes within of the coverage area.


How does the storm detector work?

The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System operates by continuously measuring the intensity of the atmospheric electric field and analysing its evolution in time. The electric field strength sensor is based on the operating principle known Electric Field Mill (EFM)


Why do i need to measure the electric field?

intensidad campo electrico electrificación nubes

The atmospheric electric field intensity provides valuable information about the clouds electrification process.

The continuous analysis of the atmospheric electric field intensity provides three types of data:

  • Information about the risk of lightning strike.
  • Generation of early warnings and alerts of lightning strike risk.
  • Information / Detection of past lightning incidence.

The usual time of anticipation is in an interval of 5-20 minutes, highly influenced by orography and nearby facilities. 


PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System advantages

The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System does not only detect the moment when the risk begins, it also allows to know if the conditions continue existing after the last lightning discharge, the end of the risk.

It is important to know when to stop / protect and also when to restart the activities as usual.

PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System ensures the continuously measuring of the atmospheric electric field intensity also at very low temperatures.


When it’s recommended a previstorm thunderstorm warning system installation?

Based on the international standard IEC 62793 Protection against lightning-Thunderstorm Warning Systems and the Spanish UNE EN 50536:2011/A1:2013 Protección contra el rayo-Sistemas de aviso de tormentas, INGESCO offers an online software that calculates the prevention level recommended at each situation.


The information and alarms given by the PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System are useful for taking the decisions regarding preventive measures to protect the lives and property.

There are many different applications that use the storm warning system to protect their equipment by disconnecting it and protecting human lives, communication companies, telecom, observatories, hydrographic confederations, defense, nuclear and petrochemical plants, aviation, wind and photovoltaic plants, amazing parks, mines, factories, golf camps, pyrotechnics, concerts, outdoor sports, campsites, beaches ...

The PREVISTORM® Thunderstorm Warning System data it’s useful also because of its great scientific and statistic value.

previstorm storm detector warning system

Why prevent?

To prevent is to reduce the risks.

The main objective of the prevention related to natural phenomenon is to reduce the loss of human lives and reduce the damage to economic activities.

It’s necessary to take conscience of the Prevention necessity.

When to install a thunderstorm warning system?