Lightning protection installation according the standard UNE 21186:2011. Basic guide for external lightning protection installation.

As the installation of lightning rods is a protection system, it is very important that it is performed by technically qualified personnel and under the current regulations.


  • The top of the light terminal shall be installed at least 2 meters over the area that it protects (including antennas, refrigerating towers, roofs and tanks)
  • Each lightning rod shall be connected to at least two down conductors.
  • The receiving antennas (TV, radio, telephone) should be connecter directly or through and SPD or an isolated spark gap to the lightning protection system with a suitable conductor.
  • The coaxial cable of the antennas should be protected with a surge protective device.
  • The metallic elements that rise above the roof should be connected to the closest down conductor.
  • The routing of the down-conductor should be as straight as possible, following the shortest path, avoiding sharp bends or upward sections.
  • The bend radii should not be less than 20cm.
  • Down-conductors will be placed preferably at the external part of the structure (whenever possible), avoiding the proximity of electrical or gas conductors.
  • The grounding system should be placed in a registry cage in order to do periodical inspections.
  • The registry cage (or, in its absence each down-conductor) should be provided with a test joint in order to disconnect the earth termination system for enabling measurements.
  • The resistance value measured using a conventional equipment should be the lowest possible (less than 10 Ω).
  • This resistance should be measured on the earthing termination insulated from any other conductive component.
  • All earthing system for a same structure should be interconnected.
  • It is recommended to add Quibacsol mineral compound to achieve lower soil resistivity.

The image shown is an outline, it does not correspond to real proportions.

ESE Lightning protection system installation




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Lightning protection system installation