Mineral compound enhancer of ground conductivity.

QUIBACSOL® is a concentration of mineral salts combined with elements that favor absorption and retention of water therefore increasing the electrical conductivity of the land.

QUIBACSOL® is acceptable in all types of groundings, especially for those which should always provide extraordinarily low and reliable resistance (computers, protection systems, electronic equipment and machinery, homes, transfer stations, lightning rods, antennas, etc…).

QUIBACSOL® is useful in improving performance both in a new execution of Earth Grounding and in the maintenance of already installed Grounding Systems.

Thanks to the large conductive capacity of its components, its use is indicated in all kinds of terrain: sandy loam, siliceous sand, rocky soil, all kinds of limestone, slate…

The increase in conductivity is particularly noticeable in areas of higher resistivity, as formed by compact, and waterproof rocks can be improved because there are usually cracks through which the product can penetrate.

  • The mineral compound QUIBACSOL® ensures low levels of step resistance in any grounding system and with different types of electrodes (spikes, plates, cable, conductors…).
  • Using QUIBACSOL® in grounding systems reduces the differences in values because of climate changes specific to each season (dry season-rainy season).
  • In addition, the use of QUIBACSOL®, also optimizes the number of holes to make in order to obtain the desired resistance value.​


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Installation of spike electrode grounding system:

  • Introduce QUIBACSOL® diluted with water through a humidification tube located expressly for this function, or directly in the perforation made for the introduction of spikes.
  • The ratio recommended for the dissolution of QUIBACSOL® in water per kilogram of mineral compound; stir vigorously to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Installation of electrode plate grounding system:

  • During the filling in of the pit, enter QUIBACSOL® powder in alternate layers (or mixing in with the earth). Compress the mixture, getting the most contact with the electrode plate that previously had been placed in a vertical position. Do not concentrate the compost directly around the plate. The minimum quantity of QUIBACSOL® recommended for a grounding electrode plate is 40 kg for a pit of 1m³.
  • Do not concentrate the compound directly around the plate electrode.

Installation of cable electrode conductor grounding system:

  • Fill the trench made to accommodate the electrode cable conductor trough alternative layers of mineral compound powder and landfill, or fill trough a mixture of land and QUIBACSOL®.
  • In both cases it is recommended to make a good compaction to ensure the highest level of contact with the electrode.

Grounding system maintenance:

  • For the maintenance of the grounding system, use QUIBACSOL® diluted with water, mixing 10 liters of water per kilogram of mineral compound.
Technical specifications
Description Reference L (mm) ØD1 (mm) Weight (kg)
QUIBACSOL 10 kg 254041 255 267 10,4