Our name is a guarantee of effectiveness and efficiency. Our quality standards have been duly certified and accredited.

Our team of engineers, through the LABELEC high voltage and testing laboratory, evaluates components and devices for protection against lightning that comply with the following standards: UNE 21186:1996 Annex C, NF C 17-102:1995, UNE-EN 50164-1:2009, UNE EN 50164-3:2007 and UNE-EN 50164-3:2007/A1:2009. We develop new devices to make the design and production processes more efficient and innovative.

We share the knowledge we have acquired with universities, and make our facilities available to them.

Ingesco runs tests on the point of impact of the lightning strike and on its direct and indirect effects on any surface. We have several test cabinets (including salt spray, humidostatic, and sulphur dioxide).

Testing by LABELEC also guarantees the effectiveness and durability of voltage surge protectors and ensures that electromagnetic field strength meters are correctly calibrated.


Projects of 2015:


LIGHTPRO is a project from DENA DESARROLLOS ( INGESCO) with the participation of the Lighting Research Group from Polytechnic University of Catalonia for research and development  of voltage generator lighting type over 2.5 MV, to allow testing “in-situ” protection systems against lighting impact on wind turbine.

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