Lightning protection is vital to guarantee personal safety and prevent services being affected.

We guarantee maximum protection against lightning strikes at airports.

For air safety, protecting airports against external factors and ensuring they can operate correctly is of fundamental importance.

Ingesco studies the components that can make airports safer. We analyse the characteristics of the buildings where flammable materials are stored, and also those containing the sensitive equipment that is essential for airlines to operate.

We observe the Health and Safety at Work Act and conform to safety regulations and standards, in order to ensure that any damage caused by an incident is covered for these facilities with large surface areas.

They need protection because
  • Large surface area.Open areas.
  • Highly sensitive equipment - strikes could result in serious loss of service.
  • Businesses that use and store highly flammable materials.
  • Protection of people (workers).(Health and Safety at Work Act).
  • Having lightning protection may be an essential condition for insurance companies to cover the costs of an incident, or may reduce the cost of the policy.