We minimise the risk of lightning strikes on wind turbines

In the wind power industry, lightning is a major risk due to the prolonged exposure of the infrastructure to possible storms. Ingesco works on developing the best systems for protecting wind farm structures from lightning.

Although these facilities are difficult to reach and the rate of lightning strikes is high, we have highly sensitive meters for these types of structures.

Control system:

DL EOLOS K15FO lightning counter presents a compact and robust design, specially adapted for the detection of lightning discharges in lightning protection systems of wind turbines and elevated structures. Its fiber-optic output enables the registration of lightning discharges on wind turbines and elevated structures. Its fiber-optic output enables the notification of the lightning discharges detected on a fiber-optic signal receiver.

DL EOLOS K15FO counter detects the current impulse produced by the lightning strike, which is lead to the ground through the ground conductor of the lightning protection system and registered on an electromechanical counter. At the same time, it emits the information through its fiber-optic output.

See document: High bandwidth lightning strike counter for wind turbines and elevated structures

They need protection because
  • Very high metal structures located in isolated areas.
  • Structures that endure a high number of lightning strikes.
  • Components that are highly sensitive to voltage surges and electromagnetic pulses.
  • Facilities that are hard-to-reach, with no staff on-site.
  • Need to control them remotely.