At high-risk facilities, strict safety standards and rules must be adhered to in order to prevent serious consequences to the environment.

At a nuclear power station, it is necessary to maximise protection against the risk of serious collateral damage to the environment.

In order to protect people, the environment, and the machinery, all the processes at a nuclear power station must be as safe as possible. All the processes are governed by strictly enforced standards and rules.

Ingesco develops projects that are suitable for these facilities and provides them with both external and internal protection. We work with the diligence that these facilities require, protecting them against the possible effects of a lightning strike.

They need protection because
  • Large surface area and high-risk facilities.
  • Production problems if the equipment, machines, etc. have been damaged by lightning or its effects (voltage surges). May result in loss of service.
  • Hazardous activities with serious consequences for the environment (pollution, environmental damage, etc)
  • Protection of people (workers). (Health and Safety at Work Act).
  • This is a regulatory requirement that may also be required by insurance companies.