These buildings must be prepared for the possible effects of lightning strikes and to protect the people in them.

Ingesco guarantees protection in hotels, to ensure the safety of all guests and staff and normal operation of the services.

Hotels have a lot of sensitive machinery and equipment that could be damaged by lightning or by the voltage surges that could be caused by it. For example, telephone switchboards, fire alarms and air conditioning.

Additionally, the risk of panic if there is an incident is greater in this type of building. Ingesco therefore works with safety systems that are suitable for hotels, in order to maintain calm during a storm.

They need protection because
  • Large groups of people. High risk of panic if there is an incident.
  • Very large structures.
  • Open areas.
  • Sensitive equipment (telephone switchboards, fire protection equipment), and machines (air conditioning), etc. May be damaged by lightning or its effects (voltage surges), resulting in loss of service.