Their metal structures make them more susceptible to lightning strikes. A lightning strike could be hazardous for the general public.

We prevent the effects of lightning strikes in an industry where there is no room for error. Oil and gas companies demand the highest levels of protection in order to prevent incidents.

Our principal objective is to guarantee personal safety and protect the environment. Ingesco protects businesses in which highly inflammable materials are used, in order to prevent incidents that could have serious consequences, such as contamination.

The metal structures supporting petroleum and gas facilities increase the likelihood of attracting lighting. This is an added risk for equipment that provides services to the general public.

They need protection because
  • Large surface area and buildings that are principally metal structures, making them more likely to be struck by lightning.
  • Production problems if the equipment, machines, etc. have been damaged by lightning or its effects (voltage surges).May result in loss of service.
  • Businesses that process and store highly flammable materials. Serious consequences for the environment (pollution, environmental damage, etc)
  • Protection of people (workers).(Health and Safety at Work Act).
  • This is a regulatory requirement that may also be demanded by insurance companies.